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Always remember that with God you can have peace in the storm!
For anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide from rejection 
Let this song bless you!
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The broken heart will cause many problems if it is left unhealed….your heart can even convince you that it is doing fine (Remember God says the heart is wicked above all things Jeremiah 17:9) but you may still have anger, pushing people away out of fear of being hurt again….

FEAR…now that is a big one with a broken heart….fear of loving again… Fear of being yourself…. when a person is not wanted the heart breaks…Words spoken to you over you about you that are negative and painful will break a heart…..words are powerful they can heal or they can kill…

A broken heart from rejection can even lead to pornography or being sexually promiscuous BECAUSE of the need to be loved…..plus many more

The heart that is broken needs to be healed…..to stop these things that may be happening in your life…..

God sent His Son to heal the brokenhearted….You can have a healed heart

Surrendered Identity is about forgiveness, rejection, healing, trust, identity, broken heart and suicide

Are you here?

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Where are you at in your life right now, in the pit or in the palace? Is there something that you are constantly dealing  with and you can’t seem to get rid of like anger or relationship problems or feelings of worthlessness, insecure or maybe that you just don’t fit in. Have you ever had a broken heart? Maybe a lover has cheated on you or maybe that you were made fun of by your peers and bullied. Maybe your spouse whom you love very much just told you that they do not love you any more. Did you have a mother or a father who didn’t want you, maybe you spent some time in a Children’s Home or a foster home or maybe you were adopted. Maybe you were told by a parent they didn’t love you they hated your guts and even tried to abort you in the womb. Maybe you were told that the man you thought was your father, in a heated battle of words it was blurted out to you that you had a different dad. Leaving you wondering “Who am I?” Do you get angry or hurt when someone deletes you or blocks you on facebook or twitter? Do you find yourself deleting people more often than you care to admit? Have you  had a loved one commit suicide because of rejection or being bullied? Your head may still be reeling with all of the unanswered questions. Maybe you have tried to commit suicide because someone rejected you. The amount of people who have been rejected is staggering, if you haven’t been rejected yet you probably will be at some point in your life . You may be dealing with rejection right now or you may know someone who is trying to deal with it right now. Rejection hurts and there is damage inside a person from being rejected that causes problems in many areas of their life. We seem to be consumed with what other people think about us. We let others tell us how we should feel about ourselves. If you have had rejection, anger, depression, rebelliousness or if you find yourself pushing people away from you and rejecting people before they reject you, you may find some answers in my book. My book is titled “Surrendered Identity”

My book will be release to buy in stores on 01/21/2014 

You can buy now through my publisher click on the link below to order


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